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Hoola automates marketing + support conversations for eCommerce.

Generated € 1M+ for eCommerce brands like

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Customer Support

Help your customers wherever they text you

WhatsApp, Livechat, Instagram, Messenger... bring all your channels in one place and stop switching tabs.

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AI chatbot

Automate over 70% of all support questions

Build your own 24/7 AI agent with no-code, and offer consistent support for recurring questions in minutes.

Marketing automation

3X conversions with personalized campaigns

Use our library of 50+ marketing flows and campaign ideas to unlock the power of WhatsApp in your business.

Customer retention

Retain customers on autopilot

Plug-and-play automations to keep customers updated, collect feedback and make them happy.

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And track your results, at every step

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What our clients say

“This changes the game, we’re adding WhatsApp to ALL our stores asap”


Julio, CEO

“>25% of our revenue comes now from WhatsApp, and our customers love it”

Ana, Founder


“We literally doubled the conversion rate immediately”

Fer, Founder

Vermut App

“WhatsApp is our #1 Priority for 2024, it has 10x our customer experience”

Riki Project Lobster.

Riki, Head of Growth

P.J. Lobster
For eCommerce & Retail Brands - Hoola

Robert Malik


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For eCommerce & Retail Brands - Hoola

Marcus Woods


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For eCommerce & Retail Brands - Hoola

Sophie Moore


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For eCommerce & Retail Brands - Hoola

Andrew Dent


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Frequently asked questions

What’s Hoola in a nutshell?

Hoola is a WhatsApp-first customer engagement platform designed for eCommerce brands. We make it easy to manage and automation all support and marketing channels from one place.

When can I start using Hoola?

You can get started today! Just enter your e-mail above, and you schedule a demo with us to see how we work with your business.

What do I need to start using Hoola?

An established retail or eCommerce brand, or similar online business.

Do you offer a Shopify integration or others?

Yes, we are actively working on a native Shopify integration and app. As of right now, we connect your store to use as trigger for order updates or post-purchase flows.