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What are (active) marketing contacts?

The contacts variable which influences your pricing, are WhatsApp contacts that have granted the double opt-in, as displayed in your Hoola CRM.

Contacts are able to receive marketing communications, or have received a broadcast (including CSV uploads). Opt-outs can be triggered by both the customer and the business.

What support can I expect from Hoola?

Anything! Okay, almost anything... Everyone has access to our learning center with expert guides, WhatsApp templates, campaign ideas and flows.

Depending on your plan, you also have direct access to a (Dedicated) customer success manager, Step-by-step onboarding to our products and features, launch strategy consulting and personalized business plans to see success in your first days with Hoola.

Which business types can benefit from Hoola?

Our client list consists of eCommerce companies in fashion, accessories, beauty, retail stores in eyewear, jewelry and even real estate and insurance companies..! If you have an online business with at least some traction and you offer support, marketing or want to automate some of your tasks, then, let's go!

Which restrictions do apply to using WhatsApp?

The main restriction for using WhatsApp for business purpose comes from the WhatsApp commerce policy, this prohibits business selling alcohol, firearms, medical products, dating, gambling and among other industries (see link).

Can I move my number from WhatsApp Business App?

Yes! In your WhatsApp Manager you can move your WhatsApp number to Hoola from another WhatsApp Business Solution Provider or the WhatsApp Business App.

How do I pay? And change plans?

We accept all major credit cards secure via Stripe. You can enter your payment details or upgrade your plan on your account page at any time.

Which other costs should I take into account?

Beside our software pricing, the only added cost is coming directly from Meta's WhatsApp Business Pricing. We don't add extra conversation fees, but send Meta's bill directly to you. In most cases, these costs are coming from WhatsApp marketing templates from broadcasts or flows.

Do inbound messages from customers incur costs?

Every month, each WhatsApp Business Account gets 1,000 free service conversations for every business phone number. After that, pricing is calculated for every 24-hour conversation window based on the recipient's country.

How do I calculate WhatsApp Business pricing for my country?

For reference, Spain's WhatsApp rates are €0,0509 for marketing conversations and €0,0305 for service conversations. Conversations are 24-hour message windows between you and your customers. For all countries, see WhatsApp Business Platform Pricing.

Which of my channels can I integrate with Hoola?

You can directly integrate Shopify using our Shopify App, and Klaviyo as native integration. On top, our team can help you integrate other channels using Zapier, or webhooks.

How do I make WhatsApp part of my marketing strategy?

You can leverage your existing channels and community to grow your WhatsApp channel, by adding WhatsApp links to Instagram, Email campaigns, and even WhatsApp QR code posters at your store cashier! 

You can find more detailed strategies in our WhatsApp template library or by discussing your business case with our Customer Success team.

How can I offer customer support with Hoola?

Using our WhatsApp inbox, you can easily manage customer conversations, see their profile, collaborate with your support team and manage all inbound support at scale.

What does your WhatsApp marketing software look like?

Hoola offers advanced segmentation by support tags, Hoola fields, Klaviyo properties and other operators to send personalized WhatsApp broadcasts. You can set up custom marketing automations using our flow builder.

Which business processes can I automate on Hoola?

Starting with the basics, you can automate transactional notification on WhatsApp like abandoned cart, order confirmations and back-in-stock reminders.

Further commercial automations include custom welcome flows, post-purchase / feedback flows, and connecting flows to WhatsApp broadcasts.

On the support side, we have skills to automate FAQs, customer cases and we're working on product recommendations and appointment scheduling.

Can you use WhatsApp for live chat?

Yes, WhatsApp can be used for live chat through the Business API or by integrating a WhatsApp widget on your website, allowing real-time communication with customers.