5 Steps to Create a Successful WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

See how you can create your WhatsApp marketing strategy with Hoola, automatic reminders, and state of the art direct marketing to connect with customers.

5 Steps to Create a Successful WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

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If you're reading this, you're probably aware that WhatsApp isn't just for catching up with friends anymore. By now, you can turn it into a powerhouse to better engage customers and as a consequence, grow your business. Think about it – WhatsApp is a familiar tool in most of our daily lives, and that's exactly where your business needs to be: right in the palm of your customers' hands.

To make the most of WhatsApp, don’t just use it for customer support, but to level up your whole customer engagement game. This guide? It's all about turning those everyday chats into real-deal conversations that actually push sales and build solid loyalty. From sending tailored promotional messages to creating entire marketing campaigns, WhatsApp offers a new way to engage with your audience on a platform they already love and use daily. 

But hold on, it's not about just spamming your customers with texts. Nope, it's about hitting that sweet spot – making interactions personal, relevant, and full of value. So, whether you're a marketing pro or just stepping into the game, this guide is your ticket to nailing a WhatsApp strategy that clicks with your audience and fits your business like a glove.

Ready to dive in? Let's get started and turn your WhatsApp account into a marketing machine!

What is WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is about using the popular messaging app to directly engage with your audience. It's a way to turn everyday chats into meaningful customer interactions, driving both sales and loyalty. Imagine having a conversation with your customers that's as natural and engaging as chatting with a friend. That's the essence of WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp marketing is like having a direct line to your customers, one that they actually want to pick up. It's more than just messaging; it’s about building a two-way street for communication, making each conversation feel as natural as chatting with a friend. 

The goal is bigger than simply growing revenue. It’s about everything from promotional messages to interactive campaigns and even delivering exceptional customer service. It's a tool for business owners to better engage with their audience, and enhance customer relationships.

Benefits of WhatsApp marketing

Now that we've got a grasp on what WhatsApp marketing is, let's dig into the why. Why should your business jump on the WhatsApp marketing bandwagon? Here are some compelling reasons that make WhatsApp an essential tool in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Personal interactions: WhatsApp offers a unique platform for personalized communication. Unlike traditional marketing channels, it allows you to engage with your customers in a one-on-one conversation, making each interaction feel special and tailored. This personal touch can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • >80% open rate: Messages sent via WhatsApp have impressively high open and read rates compared to emails or other forms of digital communication. This means your marketing efforts are more likely to be seen, read, and acted upon.
  • Both support & marketing: Whether it's sending out promotions, updates, or customer service interactions, WhatsApp is versatile. You can use it for a variety of marketing purposes, all while maintaining a consistent brand voice and customer experience.
  • Goldmine for customer feedback: WhatsApp allows for real-time feedback and conversations, providing valuable data on customer preferences, behaviors, and responses to your marketing efforts.
  • Better average ROI: Compared to many other marketing channels, WhatsApp can be more cost-effective, especially considering its high engagement and conversion rates. It's an efficient way to reach out to and connect with your audience without breaking the bank.

Setting you up for success

Before diving into the world of WhatsApp marketing, it's crucial to set the stage for success. In this section, we'll look at selecting the right tools and strategies to make your WhatsApp campaigns hit the mark every time.

Choosing the right WhatsApp business solutions

So in short, you have two options here: The WhatsApp Business App & the WhatsApp Business API. 

  • WhatsApp Business is perfect for smaller businesses. It lets you create a business profile, organize your contacts, and even automate some basic responses. But if you're running a bigger operation, 
  • WhatsApp API is your go-to for small to medium sized and bigger team businesses. It's a bit more technical and offers more control to handle large volumes of messages. Imagine eCommerce stores updating 5000 contacts at once or handling 100 customer requests per day. Both are great tools, just pick the one that fits your business best.

Read about: Differences between the WhatsApp Business App vs WhatsApp API.

Building a 360° customer profile with WhatsApp

Knowing your customer is key. With WhatsApp, you can gather loads of info about your customers. What do they like? When do they shop? Use this data to create a full picture of your customers – we call this a 360 customer profile. 

This is your map to see exactly what your customers want and need. Use this map to send them the right messages at the right time. It’s not just about collecting data; it's about using it smartly to make your customers feel understood and valued. This data is also great for further WhatsApp automation of support, and even marketing notifications.

5 steps to create a successful WhatsApp campaign

If you have been following along, you want to try WhatsApp.

Heck, you probably have tried it already!

But most likely, you have only used WhatsApp to offer support to your customers. Maybe you decided to add some “call-to-action”, got some questions and you even closed some extra sales from the channel.

But let’s face it, that is not enough.

You need leverage. And campaigns are the best way to get it.

But what do you do, should you copy and condense one of your Email campaigns? Should you offer it to everyone in your database? Do you need to ask your design team to create some new visuals?

Stop right there!

Let’s make it easy for you.

Here’s how to send campaigns that make money:

1. Define the goal of the campaign

I know, obvious right?

Well, you would be surprised…

A lot of brands do not think that and end up having 3 different messages being communicated in 1 campaign. Which leads to 100% confusion and 0% conversion.

There’s only 2 big goals to aim for:

  1. Conversion, or
  2. Engagement

For your first campaign, go for conversion.

You just collected opt-ins, which is a process of engagement and your subscriber expects to receive a promotion. Plus starting with results feels good.

2. Use WhatsApp-only incentives

Sales it’s all about creating an incentive.

The most commonly used one is the discount.

But things like exclusivity, limited availability, or time pressure also help. And for this case, we will combine all of these into one channel… WhatsApp.

Use this framework to come up with your incentive:

  • Available only on WhatsApp
  • Available only for X hours/days
  • Available only for the first Y units
  • Available only Z products/categories

It could be something like this.

3. Make it easy to buy from WhatsApp

You have the perfect campaign.

Now let’s make it so people can actually buy.

This should come as no surprise, but it is worth mentioning again. The more friction you add to the process, the fewer sales you will have.

Make sure to check these:

✖ Do not place a discount code on the text body
✔ Embed the discount on the link behind the button

✖ Do not direct customers to your general page
✔ Make a link for the specific products on discount

✖ Do not ask customers for extra steps (e.g., go to store)
✔ Just make it as easy as possible to press the buy button

Creating a successful WhatsApp campaign is in the details.

4. Choose the right segment for your campaign

Not everyone wants the same.

So please do not send your campaign to all customers.

Ideally, you have been segmenting your campaign from day 1. So you will have enough information to create a relevant audience just for this promotion.

Just ask yourself:

  • Who would benefit from this campaign?
  • Why would that person care about it?
  • What do they have in common?

Worst case, some good practices are to send it to engaged users that have not just recently purchased but tend to buy with certain repetition.

5. Create momentum before the send-out

You are almost there.

The only thing left is to get people excited.

If you want to maximize success, you need to create momentum. To create momentum you have to let people know a bit about what is coming. Not too much, not too little, just enough of a sneak preview.

This is also a great way to collect new subscribers with high intent:

  • Start creating FOMO on their social media
  • Make 1 or 2 announcements to your Email audience
  • Give a preview to your WhatsApp subs to ask if they want to be informed

Bonus: Make sure to track the campaign

If you use a great WhatsApp software you won’t even have to worry about this point. Otherwise, keep reading.

Tracking your campaigns is vital.

Without it, you will be fighting in the dark.

No tracking means no way to improve your performance. In fact, it means you will not know even if your campaign performed! So let’s fix that.

Manually setting up your campaigns is not hard:

  • Install Google Analytics on your website.
  • Visit Google’s free Campaign URL Builder page.
  • Insert the website URL and campaign information.
  • Create a unique UTM tracking code for every campaign.
  • Use the UTM tracking codes in your WhatsApp campaigns.

So here it is, now everything is ready to press “send”.

Key Takeaways for your WhatsApp marketing strategy

There we go, we've covered a lot of ground! Let's wrap it up with some key takeaways to keep in mind as you get started on your WhatsApp marketing adventure. It's like packing your backpack with the essentials before a hike.

  • Your WhatsApp strategy essentials: First, know your audience and talk to them like friends. Use WhatsApp to send messages that matter to them. Then, pick the right tools – WhatsApp Business for smaller businesses or WhatsApp API for when you want to go big. And don't forget, it's all about making those connections personal and relevant.
  • Data is your best friend: Keep an eye on your customer data. It's like having a secret guidebook that tells you what your customers love and how to keep them coming back for more.
  • Keep it relevant: Your messages should be like a good chat over coffee – engaging and relevant. No one likes spam, so keep your content fresh and interesting.
  • Track and learn: Finally, always keep track of how your campaigns are doing. Use the tools available to understand what's working and what's not. Each campaign is a learning experience, so use what you learn to make the next one even better.

How Hoola Can Help You Simplify & Scale Your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

Now, you might be thinking, "This all sounds great, but where do I start?" Don't worry, that's exactly where Hoola can take your business to the next level. Whether you're a small business just starting out or a big player looking to expand, Hoola helps you scale your WhatsApp marketing efforts to match your growth. With our tools, you can handle more conversations, reach a wider audience, and do it all without breaking a sweat.

Start your journey now with Hoola: Don't wait around! Think of us as your go-to tool for all things customer engagement, and you’re starting with WhatsApp. Whether you're managing customer chats, or sending WhatsApp broadcasts, we make your it easy and efficient. Small business or big, we help you scale up effortlessly, keeping your WhatsApp marketing sharp and effective.

Frequently asked questions

Can small businesses effectively use WhatsApp marketing?

Yes, small businesses can use WhatsApp marketing to create a better customer experience, have all their support in one platform and send personalized marketing messages. Using a platform like Hoola remains a very good choice to scale your business as well.

Can I track the success of my WhatsApp marketing campaigns?

Definitely: Hoola shows the analytics of your campaigns, and alternatively you can integrate with analytics platforms like Google Analytics. We help you track message read rates, link clicks, deliverability rate and overall campaign performance.

How do I build a subscriber list for WhatsApp marketing?

Start with generating opt-ins by sending people from your website to WhatsApp, often paired with a good incentive. You can do this on your website, in-store, or via other marketing channels. In any case, make sure to get consent, or also known as ‘double opt-in’, to give a good customer experience and comply with WhatsApp’s policy.