How Vermut achieved a 95.4% increase in lead conversion using WhatsApp

We all know that WhatsApp is a phenomenal support channel, but Vermut shows us that its impact can be much greater. Learn how Vermut implemented the channel to double the conversion of its registered users without any manual effort.

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Fer Dellepiane, CEO
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Vermut is the leading social network in Spain for people with life experience (+55 years), which focuses on helping its more than 60k users to create friendships in real life. Vermut is currently looking to internationalize, and to this end one of its focuses is to strengthen communication with its end customer.

Together with Hoola, Vermut has incorporated WhatsApp in its recruitment and retention strategy with no additional effort for the team and incredible results.

“We knew that WhatsApp is a very friendly channel, so if we manage to send a WhatsApp at the right time to the right users it will surely increase conversion.”
- Fer Dellepiane, CEO en Vermut

🇪🇸 Barcelona, España
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🇪🇸 Barcelona, España
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Before working with Hoola

One of the main challenges for Vermut was to increase the conversion of their registered users and lead them to book their first activity.

After using many of the traditional strategies, they were not satisfied:

  • Many leads did not open the Emails they sent.
  • They had tried SMS, but since it was a transactional channel, it had little effect.

In addition, they were already using WhatsApp to provide support when the user wrote to them proactively and satisfaction was very high, so there was a clear opportunity to expand its use.

Our solution

1. Implement Whatsapp to reinforce their Email strategy.

The first thing we did with Vermut was to visualize their user activation strategy via Email and push notifications. With visibility of their current customer journey, we were able to detect opportunities to implement WhatsApp.

  • Incorporate WhatsApp messages in the welcome flow.
  • Send WhatsApp campaigns to users who do not interact with Email.
  • Implementing measurement methods to measure the impact of the initiatives in order to iterate.
Actual excerpt of the visualization of the implemented flows for Vermut by Hoola.
Actual excerpt of the visualization of the implemented flows

2. Automate support management on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an ideal channel to maintain close communication with your customers, but it requires a lot of work from the support team. Especially when a new user subscribes, as they tend to have many general and repetitive questions, representing an opportunity to automate:

  • We create automations for the most frequently asked questions.
  • We implement mechanisms to pass the conversation to the team when necessary.
  • +50% of all conversations ended up receiving automated support.

Vermut's results

As Fer (CEO, co-founder of Vermut) tells us, WhatsApp is now a fundamental piece of Vermut's strategy, as it has provided a differential value from day one:

  • 2x increase in conversion to first booking via WhatsApp
  • +50% of customer service queries automated by WhatsApp
  • Costs managed very efficiently thanks to the combination with Email.

“Throughout the process, the speed of response and the amount of information shared by the team were key to implementing this new channel with the peace of mind that it was going to be done correctly. We also saw results automatically, achieving a 2x conversion rate from registered user to first booking - our most important metric.”

Fer Dellepiane, CEO

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